Swedish Club’s marine insurance course simplifies complex sector


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The Swedish Club has seen the successful conclusion of its latest Marine Insurance Course, with standing room only and a packed programme of discussions, seminars and speeches from industry experts in Marine Insurance.

The course is an annual event designed to provide an opportunity for those working for ship owners, ship managers, marine insurance brokers and club correspondents, to improve their knowledge of marine insurance and learn more about The Swedish Club.

“We are pleased to be able to take this opportunity to make a contribution to increasing the knowledge base in our sector,” explained Jacob Viero, The Swedish Club’s Director, Marketing & Business Development, speaking from the Club’s headquarters in Gothenburg, where the event was held. “We believe that The Swedish Club is ideally placed to make this contribution to the marine insurance market. Marine claims are by their nature complex, and this course aims to shine a light on the subject by providing essential background knowledge and practical experience to those who want to know more about the sector.”

Run over five days, the initiative covers the important aspects of marine insurance, ranging from terms and conditions to the practical handling of claims and loss prevention. The focus is on the three major types of marine insurance: Protection & Indemnity (P&I), Hull & Machinery (H&M) and Freight Demurrage & Defence (FD&D).

“This year we were delighted to welcome 31 delegates from over 12 countries, and a wide range of disciplines,” concluded Mr Viero. “We are looking forward to the same level of support for our Marine Insurance Seminars, the next which will be running in Piraeus later in the year.”