Swedish Club widens enhanced Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) programme


It is well known that a healthy crew is a safe crew, and that the physical and mental wellbeing of seafarers is key. Recognising this, The Swedish Club is extending its enhanced PEME (Pre-employment Medical Examination) programme both within the Philippines, and into a number of other seafaring nations.

An enhanced PEME greatly increases the chance of identifying potential health issues that could lead to a crew member falling ill while on board. The Club’s enhanced PEME significantly exceeds the basic requirements for employment medical assessments reflecting not only the manner in which tests are carried out, but also how the results of those tests should be interpreted for a potential seafarer to be assessed fit for continued service on board a vessel entered with The Swedish Club.

Johan Kahlmeter (pictured), Director of Claims at The Swedish Club said: “The quality of a PEME as well as the quality of the clinics and examining physicians is of vital importance, having a demonstrable impact on the liability to which an employer is exposed. Many shipowners and ship managers have experienced the difficulties and risks involved in having a seafarer serving on board in a poor medical condition, physically or mentally, which should have rendered them unfit for sea service prior to employment.

“The safety implications of having unfit seafarers on board cannot be emphasised enough. Apart from the seafarer’s own wellbeing and safety which is key, it is easy to appreciate the risks imposed on colleagues, the operation of the vessel including commercial disruption, and the environment,” he added.

The Swedish Club’s enhanced PEME programme has been in place since 2010 with excellent reported feedback, but this has so far been limited to the Philippines. The Club’s network of clinics in the Philippines has now been expanded and the Club’s PEME programme will be extended to a number of new countries including but not limited to India, Ukraine and Indonesia.

The Club has entered into a partnership with the Marine Advisory Medical Service to manage the enhanced PEME programme and to safeguard the quality of delivery. For further information on the new enhanced PEME programme and for details of Accredited Clinics please visit The Swedish Club website.