Survitec Group forges strategic alliance with Servaux Safety & Ship Services

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Survitec Group, provider of critical safety and survival solutions, has successfully established a Joint Venture with Servaux Safety & Ship Services, a division of CFM Enterprises, with facilities located in Marseille and Le Havre, France. The new partnership will be known as ServauxSurvitec.

Simon Withey, Survitec Group CEO, commented on the new alliance: “With a heritage dating back to 1912, Servaux Safety & Ship Services S4 is widely respected, not only in France, but also internationally. For more than forty decades, Survitec Group and Servaux Safety & Ship Services S4 have experienced a mutually beneficial relationship and both companies recognise that by forming a stronger alliance in these regions will create a significant opportunity to serve customers on a local and global scale.” 

“We have established the ServauxSurvitec Joint Venture to better serve our worldwide commercial marine and cruise industry customers, offering the highest quality services and a complete range of on board survival equipment. The French market is important to Survitec as Marseille and Le Havre are rapidly expanding ports, especially in the cruise and ferry sector.”

Both locations will provide inspection, servicing and sales of all brands within the Survitec portfolio, namely DSB, SurvitecZodiac, RFD and Eurovinil. This offering will steadily expand to include additional Survitec lifesaving solutions. The Joint Venture also reinforces the growing Survitec presence in France, alongside a service station based in Calais and an elite manufacturing facility in Chevanceaux.

Over the last two years Survitec Group have steadily increased their own number of Survitec owned service stations from 12 to 38, acquired the marine division of Cosalt PLC, the commercial marine businesses DBC Marine Safety Systems, Zodiac SOLAS and Risk Safety Systems Inc. These acquisitions have expanded the global footprint of Survitec Group’s services and product distribution centers, while increasing the volume and variety of products and services available to Survitec customers.

Survitec Group recognises that it takes strong partnerships between manufacturers, distributors and service stations to deliver the highest quality life-saving equipment to end user customers. Survitec Group looks forward to strengthening those partnerships in the months and years to come.

ServauxSurvitec JV