Stream Marine Training becomes first Scottish-based provider of Workboat Stability Course

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Glasgow-based Stream Marine Training (SMT) has introduced a new training course to its portfolio regarding the stability of small workboats and pilot boats.

“The Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Small Workboat Stability Course” is a one day training programme offered by SMT and designed to comply with the requirement in the 2014 MCA Workboat Code.

“SMT is the only Scotland-based training provider of this programme, conveniently located next to Glasgow Airport, for what is now a mandatory requirement for at least one crew member on a workboat,” said Patrick McCabe, Director of SMT’s Marine and Technical business.

“Candidates for other MCA qualifications such as Master 200/OOW 500, Boatmaster, Tug Master and Yachtmaster Offshore would also find this course useful to understand what can be a very complex subject,” he continued, “It also includes a 45-minute written exam that tests the knowledge and understanding of the students at the end of the course with a minimum pass rate of 60%.”

The first course is on 27th March followed by 17th April and 15th May. Further dates will be added to their website and advertised on their social media platforms.

The subjects covered in the one-day programme include: General Principles of Transverse Stability; Adding, removing and shifting weights; The Stability Booklet; Stiff and tender vessels; Use of cranes and shift of CoG; Free Surface Effect; Critical KG calculations (Transverse Stability); Inclining Test; Deck edge Immersion; Catamaran stability; Risks associated with Tug and Tow; Risks associated with deck cargoes; Wind & Ice accretion effects.