Stream Marine Group strengthens position in alternative fuels sector to include support and consultancy services


Maritime safety provider Stream Marine Group has launched its support and consultancy service Stream Marine Technical, following its success of becoming a global leading voice in helping companies transition to the use of alternative fuels.

The company has the vision to train the world’s fleet and guide the industry into a more sustainable one with the use of alternative fuels.

With a network of expert advisors who have a wealth of experience in the industry, Stream Marine Technical has already offered training and advice to some of the world’s largest shipyards and shipping companies.

Over the past year SMG has seen significant growth in this area with more companies seeking their expertise, as the industry looks at how it will meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO’s) ambitious decarbonisation targets.

Stream Marine Technical can provide companies with bespoke packages to ensure they are well-equipped to make the transition to using alternative fuels.

The team will carry out an overall assessment and identify any gaps in training or operational matters. Utilising its strong network of experts, it will also help implement a new safety management system or update the current one to ensure robust procedures are in place to guarantee the full safety of crews.

The company will then look at what extra training will be needed and can produce individual tailor-made courses depending on the needs of the client, as well as bespoke consultation and support services where it will guide a company through the entire process.

Head of Business at Stream Marine Technical, Steve Wales, has been onboard with the company for the last few months and brings with him 25 years of experience in the fuels procurement market, as well as the alternative fuels sector from the oil and gas industry.

He said: “We have seen a significant rise in companies realising that they need to start preparing themselves and their crews for the transition to alternative fuels. However, we are seeing a lot of companies thinking that if they get their crews trained up, they can deal with the rest of the transition themselves.

“When a client comes to us, we look at their whole operation, and identify any gaps when it comes to making the transition. We can show them that they also need to look at procedures such as the bunkering process for instance, and how they safely deal with the fuel once it is on the ship. Companies quickly realise that there are many challenges surrounding the transition to alternative fuels beyond having properly trained, qualified crew.”

Stream Marine Technical has been established to lead the way in fully preparing companies for the safe transition to the fuels of the future. Through innovation and knowledge, it is helping to guide the industry towards a net zero future.

The company believes safety is paramount in the process to transition to using alternative fuels and that companies must ensure that their safety management system is robust, explained Mr Wales.

“Each company has their own individual safety management systems, so we work with the systems they have and help them to develop an updated version, which incorporates the new processes that need to be adhered to. It is all about having robust procedures in place to deal with all aspects of operating vessels using alternative fuels,” he said.