Stratos uses satcoms to assess Hurrican Ike damage

Stratos Global Corporation has begun field testing of Iridium’s OpenPort marine satellite system with Fugro onboard a vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

During the initial phase of the communications field testing onboard the Betty Cheramie, Fugro is using Iridium OpenPort to provide post-Hurricane Ike damage assessments of oil and gas platforms operated by a major independent oil & gas company.

Fugro is conducting these assessments to determine the extent of damage and the appropriate next steps for field operations.

Throughout this damage-assessment project, Fugro expects to use Iridium OpenPort to power voice and data connectivity required for daily status reports, quality control and remote monitoring with shore-side experts.

“As we mobilized onto the Betty Cheramie to manage this urgent damage-assessment project, we had minimal space to deploy communications equipment. OpenPort’s portability allowed for rapid deployment,” said Fugro Chance Manager of Marine Development, Larry Prewitt.