Strategic Marine to deliver first CTV newbuild to operate in the Polish offshore wind sector


LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A., an ORLEN Group company, has signed a contract for the construction of a StratCat 27 Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) with Strategic Marine of Singapore. The CTV is scheduled to be collected this summer, with delivery to Europe in early September 2024.

This CTV will join the existing fleet managed by Miliana Shipmanagement Limited, a company belonging to the LOTOS Petrobaltic capital group, which owns five offshore vessels. Miliana Shipmanagement provides innovative solutions for the offshore industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services from the design phase to vessel operations.

This Stratcat 27 is designated to be the first unit of its type to provide services in the Poland offshore wind farm market. It will begin her service by performing transfers of technicians in the North Sea, and ultimately in the area of the Polish exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea. Technical Ship Management will be responsible for the technical management of the vessel.

The StratCat 27 Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) is designed to operate in offshore wind farms and meet strict efficiency, performance and safety requirements. Its design is based on advanced technologies that allow for optimal performance with minimal fuel consumption. It meets the latest Tier III emission requirements and is adapted to install a hybrid system in the next stage. The unit will be adapted to operate in the more severe conditions of the Baltic Sea thanks to the installation of reinforced hull plating. This allows the StratCat 27 to transport technicians and supplies over long distances while maintaining high levels of comfort and safety.

One of the key features of this vessel is efficient operation even in the most demanding weather conditions, which is essential when working at sea. In addition, the StratCat 27 is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems to ensure maximum safety and efficiency of operations.

The interior of the ship is designed with the comfort and convenience of the crew in mind. The StratCat 27 can accommodate up to 9 crew members and 24 passengers.