Strategic Marine signs with Ventus Marine for four 27m CTVs for use in Asia and Europe


Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd, a leading aluminium shipbuilder, is pleased to announce an order for the construction of four 27m Z-Bow Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) destined for the offshore wind sector from Ventus Marine in Europe and Taiwan. This milestone project is the result of a collaborative effort with renowned design firm BMT Limited (render pictured), showcasing the latest advancements in marine engineering and technology.

The contract signing signifies Strategic Marine’s commitment to delivering top-quality vessels tailored to meet the needs of the offshore wind support vessel market. These four 27m Crew Transfer Vessels have been crafted to excel in challenging operating environments, with Strategic Marine demonstrating a proven track record in delivering such vessels as early as 2010.

Key features of these innovative vessels include propulsion systems CPP and IPS propulsions, ensuring superior performance, efficiency, and manoeuvrability. The integration of cutting-edge technology and design expertise has produced a state-of-the-art CTV that meets the rigorous demands of offshore wind operations.

The vessels are scheduled for delivery by end of 2024 onwards with two operating in Europe, managed by Njord Offshore Ltd and another two operating in Taiwan managed by Njord Marine Ltd.

Strategic Marine’s long history includes a prior order of CTVs by Njord Offshore Ltd in the past for its owners, which served as pioneer vessels from the Southeast Asia region, still currently in operation. “We are delighted to sign this contract with Ventus Marine for the delivery of the 27m Z-Bow Crew Transfer Vessels,” said Mr. Chan Eng Yew, Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Marine. “This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation in the maritime sector, and we are grateful for the collaboration and trust placed in us by our esteemed client Ventus Marine who we hope to collaborate with further in the future.”