Strategic Marine delivers Jati Six crewboat in Singapore

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Jati 6 (1280x782)

Specialist boatbuilder Strategic Marine has launched the Jati Six crew transfer vessel for Malaysian client Dinasti Jati Sdn Bhd. The vessel is part of a multi-ship order, with the superstructure built at Strategic’s Vietnam shipyard then shipped to their Singapore yard for technical fittings and delivery. The Jati Six is 40m in length, classed by ABS, and can carry up to 58 passengers. It operates with a crew of 10. Its engines, from Kummins KTA, allow speeds up to 25 knots.

“This has been, and continues to be, a great order and a great client relationship for us,” said Ron Anderson, Executive Director at Strategic. “The Jati Six is good to go, and we’re looking forward to completing the multi-vessel order on time and to full specification with the Jati Eight.”

The larger Jati Eight, which can carry up to 70 passengers, is scheduled for delivery to the client at the end of this year. According to Strategic Marine, the company has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Dinasti Jati, and with Malaysia’s entire owner/operator sector, for many years.

The delivery was blessed in a ceremony conducted by Ustaz Mohamad Yadi Bin Tohir, an Islamic scholar.