Spring Marine praises time-saving automation and smooth installation procedure with Dualog Drive


Leading maritime software provider Dualog is delighted to announce that Spring Marine Management, a ship manager based in Athens, Greece, has added Dualog Drive data transfer service to improve the management of their fleet of 25 vessels.

A key challenge for many shipping companies is to reduce manual work and eliminate time-consuming operations when handling data transfers in shipping IT environments. Also, reducing the complexity of handling data exchange in maritime conditions is a key priority.

This was very much the situation for Spring Marine, a small, agile ship management company with a one-person IT department. The objective was clear: Find a solution that helps them spend less time on the IT system while improving the workflow when distributing documents and data across their fleet.

Konstantinos Zacharias, ICT Manager of Spring Marine, explains: “Transferring files and keeping documents up to date across a fleet has always been a challenge in our industry. Dualog Drive offers a very streamlined way of automating tasks. Once configured, I can relax because the system automatically transfers the documents from ship to shore and vice versa. I can now spend my time focusing on other important responsibilities.”

He also emphasises the user experience for task creation and flexibility in the system: “We started with a few initial data transfer requirements and made tasks to fit those. After testing, we quickly expanded to solve more use cases and created additional tasks to suit these needs. We are confident Dualog Drive will become the perfect tool for future challenges.”

When asked about highlights of the system, Mr Zacharias beams when he describes the smooth roll-out process. “The Dualog systems use something they call ‘Link Activation Codes’ to get the onboard installations to connect with the office. I only needed to send the small installation file to the captain and share the appropriate code. Within a few minutes, we could see that the vessel was online and ready to receive or transmit data. It worked like magic!”

Kyriakos Papapolydorou, Regional Sales Manager at Dualog, said: “The entire process with Spring Marine has been very smooth. They had clear goals to improve. Our objective has been to reduce the agony of managing data transfers between ship and shore. Based on customer feedback, we seem to have succeeded.”