Singapore’s Goodwood Ship Management launches new training centre and office in Mumbai

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Full Mission Bridge SimulatorSingapore-based Goodwood Ship Management has expanded its seafarer training facilities in Mumbai.

A new training centre and office has been equipped with the latest training simulation software and tools for Goodwood to further nurture its pool of seafarer talent.

“We are delighted that a MAN B&W ME Electronic Engine Simulator has been successfully installed in our new training centre in Mumbai. This is the latest version of such simulator commissioned in India,” said Capt Ashok Sabnis, Goodwood Managing Director.

“The new training centre is also equipped with a FURUNO NavSkills simulator which will be used for the type-specific trainings in FURUNO ECDIS FMD – 3100/ 3200/ 3300 in addition to existing facilities for JRC & Transas ECDIS Units. The Transas Full Mission Bridge simulator has also been upgraded to its latest version of NTPRO 5000 version 5.35.

“It offers a new mechanical interaction which will improve simulation in berthing, un-berthing and close quarter ship handling exercises as well as enhancing the training on situational awareness courses.”

Capt Shailesh Shanbag, Training Superintendent of Goodwood Ship Management who is based in Mumbai said: “Goodwood has also invested on the enhancement of fendering operations modelling to improve our ship to ship exercises. As for realistic grounding scenarios modelling, we are now in the progress of improving the whole modelling for a better grounding simulation. This new version will also provide a better overall graphical experience as compared to the previous version”.

He added: “In order to provide the best interactive training experience for our trainees and trainers, Goodwood has specially designed the classrooms in U-shaped tables and we believe this will facilitate interaction greatly among the trainees and trainers.”

Goodwood believes in a strategy of “growing our own as we grow”. The new office and training facilities in Mumbai enable Goodwood to remain committed to providing its seafarers the best training and professional development to help them to succeed in their career paths onboard and ashore.