Shipping industry approaches Johnny Depp to highlight ‘piracy’

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Much more than a ripple of applause spread around the conference hall at this year’s CMA 2011 event in Stamford when Bimco President Robert Lorenz-Meyer told delegates that the shipping industry needed an icon to highlight the plight of the piracy problem and who better to do the job than that old Caribbean pirate himself Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp.

You can imagine the gasps that erupted when it emerged the industry has already made contact with the Hollywood star to spearhead its fight against the ruffians in Somalia.

Whether the star actually agrees to take on the job remains to be seen but it was left to one delegate to tell the panel of speakers, who included the heads of all the main trade associations, that the last thing shipping needed was a comic character highlighting what was a most serious blight affecting global trade and the lives of our seafarers.

Ah well, back to the drawing board I guess!