Companies investing more into crews’ health and nutrition, says leading catering management provider


The wellbeing of crew members is becoming more important to shipping companies says leading catering management provider MCTC, as firm expands and moves to bigger offices to accommodate its growing team.

MCTC has recently moved its headquarters to another base in Limassol, Cyprus, as it is attracting more clients who are investing in health and nutrition and the wellbeing of their seafarers.

International company MCTC provides the full spectrum of catering management services to vessels, from recipe planning, ordering provisions, and budgeting, along with a range of catering and nutrition training courses for galley staff. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle with fitness and mental health initiatives.

As the shipping industry looks towards catering for the needs of the new generation of seafarers, MCTC CEO Christian Ioannou believes more people are now investing in their crews.

He said: “When MCTC first started there was a lack of interest in the wellbeing of seafarers and the importance of ensuring they are provided with healthy and nutritious meals. But we could see that the tide was going to turn and there was going to be a big shift in wellbeing and mental health, which food is of course a big driver of.

“We are now seeing more and more shipping companies investing into the health of their crews and the training of their galley crews. They are understanding the importance of ensuring galley crews are well trained in knowing how to manage their catering and create nutritious food daily, and how this impacts their whole crew’s physical and mental health too.”

The new office boasts more office space for employees, a stylish décor, and a rooftop garden where it can welcome clients, accommodate its growing workforce, and hold networking events.

Mr Ioannou added: “We are delighted to have begun 2023 with such an exciting move for MCTC. We are welcoming more clients to our portfolio and seeing a real change in the industry towards wellbeing. Companies are also realising that the new generation of seafarers want to work for a company that will look after them and their health.

“They are looking for companies that provide them with access to workouts, mental health support and access to the same food they enjoy at home. We are seeing increases in diets like vegan, vegetarians, keto, etc, so it’s important they know they are not compromising their health when they are signing up to a career working away at sea.”