Shipnet and Source2Sea collaborate on PunchOut integration for maritime supply ordering


Norway-based maritime technology business, Shipnet, has collaborated with Source2Sea in an initiative to drive data-based and transparent catalogue ordering within the maritime supply industry.

The PunchOut integration allows Shipnet users to access Source2Sea’s marketplace without leaving Shipnet, optimising the ordering processes onboard and the building and maintenance of procurement product data and assortments.

Linking procurement systems with supplier catalogues and product data is something shipping companies have requested for years. It has typically been a time-consuming task for the procurement teams to build and maintain their product data and assortments. With Source2Sea’s product catalogue platform, the manual work is no longer required by the procurement teams. The purchasing team remains in full control, as the catalogue that is visible to the vessel crew, only contains the specific products and suppliers approved by each buyer.

Similarly, ordering onboard vessels has not been easy, is time consuming and with limited transparency. Empowering vessel crew to make informed decisions the first time, is not only reducing time and cost, but also reducing waste and CO2 footprint onboard. Source2Sea’s catalogues ensure that ‘what you click is what you get’ and vessel crews receive the products they need.

Niall Jack (pictured, left), Product Management Director at Shipnet adds: “As an ex-seafarer, I’m familiar with the frustration when you have submitted a requisition, only for a replacement or completely different item to turn up later. The online catalogues eliminate that risk and will be a fantastic resource for vessel crews. The fact that we can integrate directly into the Shipnet ONE procurement flow, maintaining approval flows and work queues that our customers are familiar with, only adds to the value of the partnership.”

Mikael Weis (right), CEO at Source2Sea supports, saying: “I am really pleased with this PunchOut partnership, bringing additional and significant value to thousands of vessel crews, purchasers, and their suppliers. We see a huge demand for optimising processes and make an end to the inquiries and quotes. Similarly, the joint data foundation is providing clarity into what is actually being purchased and consumed on board vessels, creating transparency for shipping companies’ green journey. The result is that crews get exactly what they have ordered on board in a cost efficient way. Fleet management can then ensure happy crews, while still controlling the content of the catalogue.”

When creating the order in Shipnet, the user automatically gets logged onto the Source2Sea platform. With pre-agreed buyer specific catalogues with images, product descriptions, and buyer specific prices, building the order is simple and very transparent for vessel crew – it’s just like shopping at home.