Ship Equip launches new training programme

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Norway-based Ship Equip has launched a new in-house training programme known as the Ship Equip Academy, created in order to serve both employees and customers as part of an effort to maintain and increase the level of industry knowledge as well as distributing the skills and expertise generated in the company.

According to CEO Ivar Nesset, the programme will be a strategic tool in the effort to reach long term goals, and given that training is the cornerstone of personal skills and quality workmanship of a successful company, Ship Equip believes such an enterprise will help maintain its competitive advantage.

To be managed by Merete Alnes Mostue, CHR, the academy’s key objectives of such an extensive training programme are to strengthen the company’s core expertise, improve its know-how in parts of the value chain that are most significant, and to provide its customers and dealers with the ability to handle its products.

The Ship Equip Academy will feature a variety of learning opportunities in different aspects of the company operation, including corporate culture involving an introduction programme for new employees and new companies in the group, and also technical and professional skills for employees and dealers, in addition to management training.

The organisational unit responsible for carrying out the SE Academy training has been established through 2009 and is now up and running, headed up with Kristin Alvestad as the Training Supervisor who is responsible for the planning and scheduling of the training as well as the day to day follow up of all training programmes. Training will take place on the job, under supervision and in the controlled environment of classroom training, where the skills required can be practiced and tested before put into practice.

“All together we believe that the Ship Equip Academy will improve our ability to reach our long term targets for installed SEVSAT systems,” CEO Ivar Nesset affirmed.