Shall Marine products now available in over 600 ports


2585fdf8-6f20-44e1-aa6d-39f4a897e2deShell Marine Products (SMP) continues to expand its global port network by adding more than 70 ports in less than one year as well as expanding its operation in 14 countries, which now stands at 604 ports in 56 countries. In 2016, SMP expanded product availability in Argentina, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UAE, UK and US.

“One of our goals as a business is to give our customers peace of mind.  We aim to do this via our consistently high quality products, our attentive technical and customer service, as well as making sure our customers can lift the lubricants they need in as many locations as possible. They continue to be supported by our 24/7 International Customer Service Centre (iCSC) for any of their order delivery concerns as well as track their orders via our industry first Shell Marine Products app on their mobile devices,” said Jan Toschka, General Manager of Shell Marine Products.