SGMF’s global launch confirmed

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gas marineThe Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) will formally launch, globally, at the Singapore International Bunkering Conference and Exhibition (SIBCON) in October.

SGMF, which exists to promote safety and industry best practice in the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel will take part in SIBCON with the aim of reaching out to the global marine bunkering community.

“It’s an exciting time for us. We were established in September 2013 and already we are pleased to have 70 members on board. We are looking to speak with more members who work in this exciting industry to join us and get involved in the valuable work that we are doing for this industry” said Brand, Marketing and Membership Manager John Saunders.

Formed as a membership based non-governmental organisation (NGO), SGMF encourages the safe and responsible operations of vessels using gas as fuel and all marine activities relating to the supply of gas used for fuel.

It publishes studies and produces information papers and works of reference to promote best practice for safe and responsible operations for both LNG-fuelled vessels and LNG bunker supply logistics.