SENSFIB Structural Health Monitoring chosen for third Aframax newbuild


Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME) has selected SENSFIBTM Structural Health Monitoring for the third in a series of 115,000 DWT Aframax crude oil tanker newbuilds for Greek ship management company Samos Steamship.

SENSFIBTM systems from Light Structures – the world leading supplier of fibre optic condition monitoring systems for maritime applications – have already been installed on the first two vessels in the series, both of which are due for delivery in Q2 2023 and Q3 2023.

The SENSFIBTM system will provide predictive and actionable real-time data on board so that the AFRAMAX captains and navigators can act to reduce the immediate and long-term impact of dynamic forces such as whipping, slamming and shearing while underway.

In addition to providing insight for operational safety, SENSFIBTM can also optimise asset lifecycle maintenance costs as a data source for SHI-ME’s in house vessel health monitoring platform, AVEDASTM (Automatic Voyage and Engine Data Acquisition System).

“The SENSFIBTM system will contribute to safety in extreme weather and high seas as well as providing long-term data that will help us to ensure that these vessels are always structurally healthy and operating within their design tolerances,” said Yoshinori Tagaya, senior engineer, SHI-ME.

“These ships reflect the growing use of stress and fatigue data to unlock tangible lifetime OPEX savings, especially in the context of digital integration and new class notations that accept structural data from condition-based monitoring systems to reduce the amount of drydock surveys a vessel must undertake,” said Goetz Vogelmann, Sales Director, Light Structures.