SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System receives ABS SMART PDA certification


Light Structures’ SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System received the ABS SMART(SHM) Tier 3 Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate.

The SENSFIB Tier 3 Smart Structural Health Monitoring system employs an industry-leading, fibre optic, sensor-based approach for structural health assessment and prediction, calibrated and verified using high-fidelity data for improved accuracy and reliability.

The system provides information about the stresses on a vessel’s hull from cargo loading, weather conditions and the passage of time through data from several fibre optic strain sensors, accelerometers and graphic user interfaces.

Vessels fitted with the SENSFIB system will be eligible to receive the ABS Class notation SMART(SHM) with vessel records indicating Global Hull and Fatigue, Tier 3.

“Our PDA for Light Structures provides a comprehensive certification solution that demonstrates their commitment to enhanced structural health and condition monitoring,” said Patrick Ryan (pictured, right), ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “The presence of SMART systems is growing rapidly in the industry, and ABS is proud to add the Light Structures structural monitoring technology to the list of ABS approved SMART products.”

Separately, ABS has published ‘Requirements for Liquefied Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) Carriers’, a guidance which addresses next-generation vessels transporting captured CO2. Abd describes it as the first publication available in the maritime industry dedicated to the design, construction, and classification of LCO2 carriers where liquefied CO2 is carried as cargo.