Sembcorp Marine signs MOU with De Nora for the supply of BALPURE system on ballast water technology retrofits

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De Nora, a supplier of electrochlorination equipment, has announced the signing of an MOU with Singapore’s Sembcorp Marine on the supply and installation of De Nora BALPURE ballast water treatment systems at its yards.

The relationship between De Nora and Sembcorp also enables BALPURE system to be made available through a turnkey offering from the yard which includes project management, vessel survey, integration design engineering, ballast water management system equipment selection, and retrofit installation services.

Sembcorp Marine will supply and be a trained installation partner for the patented De Nora BALPURE slip stream electrochlorination system,  which is ideally suited to large vessels with high ballast flow rates and utilises unique self-cleaning electrodes. De Nora will support Sembcorp with training on the installation and operation of the ballast water treatment system to ensure the customer receives the best possible retrofitting experience.

This collaboration will also allow Sembcorp to offer both leading types of ballast water treatment, UV and electrochlorination, as full end-to-end turnkey supply and installation solutions, enabling Sembcorp to effectively meet the needs of the majority of ship owners.

Combined with Sempcorp’s more than 50 years’ experience  in marine and offshore engineering and global facilities network, the partnership is set to deliver the installation of electrochlorination systems by global specialists in water treatment delivered by expert shipyard teams.

Don Stephen, Managing Director, BALPURE systems at De Nora Water Technologies commented: “Offering our De Nora BALPURE system as a turnkey solution to meet the needs of ship owners has long been an aspiration of ours. Working with Sembcorp to realise this objective allows us to better support ship owners in cooperation with a leading yard that has the understanding and expertise to provide excellent customer service. In turn, we look forward to developing a close relationship providing our electrochlorination expertise, relevant training, and reliable services to Sembcorp.

“It has long been recognised that no ballast water treatment system provides a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Different vessel types, sizes and routes have differing demands and requirements from a ballast water treatment system.  Being able to offer a full solution to customers with high ballast flow rates in conjunction with Sembcorp, gives peace of mind to customers on their choice of ballast water treatment retrofit in a challenging time for the industry.”

De Nora BALPURE equipment is IMO Type Approved with USCG AMS Acceptance and is currently progressing through both land-based and shipboard testing for compliance with US Coast Guard (USCG) ballast water management legislation and renewal of its IMO certification.