Seatrium delivers first locally built membrane LNG bunker vessel for use in Port of Singapore


Seatrium Limited reports that it last week successfully delivered ‘Brassavola’, Singapore’s first membrane LNG bunker vessel built locally by the Group, to owner Indah Singa Maritime Pte. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui O.S.K Lines (MOL).

Following delivery, Brassavola will be chartered by Pavilion Energy to supply LNG bunker in the Port of Singapore. The vessel, which is expected to commence operations this month, will also be deployed by TotalEnergies Marine Fuels to serve its customers under a long-term agreement with Pavilion Energy.

Brassavola, constructed based on a proprietary design by LMG Marin, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seatrium, adds to the Group’s portfolio of proven LNG bunker vessel designs of various capacities. Measuring 116.5 metres in length and 22.0 metres in width, the vessel incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including superior loading and faster bunkering rate of up to 2,000m3 per hour, mass flow metering and online gas chromatograph systems, for
improved bunkering turnover and enhanced operational efficiency.

Brassavola utilises dual-fuel engines, allowing the vessel to run on marine LNG for cleaner and lower-carbon operation. The vessel’s advanced reliquefaction technology also enables more efficient boil-off gas management, which reduces carbon emissions.

The LNG bunker vessel also features two GTT Mark III Flex membrane tanks with superior characteristics which include lower internal pressure, temperature and boil-off rate, enabling greater tank durability, safer fuel transfer operations and reduced cargo loss through evaporation. The twin membrane tanks are optimised to be lighter and space-saving to allow for a larger cargo carrying capacity and greater fuel efficiency during transportation.

Mr Kazuya Hamazaki, Managing Executive Officer of MOL, said: “We are delighted to achieve the successful delivery of Brassavola with our strategic partners at Pavilion Energy and Seatrium. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and collaboration of our partners. The completion of the Brassavola is a significant step forward in transitioning towards the use of cleaner and decarbonised fuels like LNG in Singapore. We look forward to seeing Brassavola in operations very soon, setting new
standards in LNG bunkering and further strengthening Singapore’s position as a global LNG bunkering hub.”

“The delivery of Singapore’s first membrane LNG Bunker Vessel, Brassavola, represents a transformative step for Pavilion Energy’s decarbonisation journey, and paves the way for a more sustainable maritime industry. We are pleased to be working with our strategic partners to reach this milestone and look forward to commencing the vessel’s operations,” said Mr Malcolm Lim, Division Head of Singapore Hub at Pavilion Energy. “Brassavola complements
our global LNG bunker supply network and reinforces our commitment to provide customers with cleaner marine bunkering solutions.”

Ms Louise Tricoire, Vice President of TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, said, “We are thrilled to receive the Brassavola, which will enable us to commence the supply of marine LNG to our customers in Singapore. The Brassavola plays an important part in our global LNG bunker strategy and in our ambition to help the shipping industry decarbonise using a range of low-carbon fuels. Her arrival will complement our current LNG bunker services in the European
hubs of Rotterdam and Marseille, as we take our LNG bunker expertise into new markets.”

Mr William Gu, Executive Vice President of Seatrium Oil & Gas (International), said, “We are pleased to mark the delivery of Brassavola, the first membrane LNG bunker vessel that is
designed and built in Singapore by Seatrium, embodying our core values of innovation, safety and environmental sustainability. The completion of this LNG bunker vessel with zero loss- time incident reinforces our track record in cleaner energy solutions that support the global energy transition. We are proud to play a significant role in advancing Singapore’s maritime decarbonisation ambitions and look forward to the Brassavola contributing to this cause.”

Separately, Seatrium has successfully secured a Favoured Customer Contract (FCC) with TMS Cardiff Gas for the repairs and upgrades of its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers. The contract includes the refit of 17 LNG carriers in Singapore, with responsibilities in joint planning, information and experience sharing.