Seagull finalises Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations Onboard Course

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Seagull Maritime has just received approval by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) for an onboard version of their Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations course.

This course is a requirement for all non-Norwegian Masters serving on a vessel flying the Norwegian flag (NIS & NOR). The course, which consists of one e-learning module and a comprehensive workbook, will be an invaluable option for all non-Norwegian Masters wanting to serve on a Norwegian flagged vessel.

Torger Tau, Seagull Maritime’s Senior Instructor explained: “This course has been one of the most popular classroom courses we offer, with officers from all around the world attending the course every year. We were asked by the NMA to adapt the course for onboard training, as this was requested by several ship owners registering their ships in NIS. Naturally, we were happy to oblige.”

Since its establishment in 1987, the Norwegian International Ship Register has provided the industry with high quality alternatives for registration. Great emphasis has been placed on maintaining a quality register; ensuring vessels operating under the NIS regulations meet the highest level of safety and working standards.

Cost reduction is an essential part of the shipping industry, but that does not mean there should be a compromise on quality. Priced at similar rates to the classroom version, Seagull says its onboard course is a great step towards sustainable management, with onboard certification proving an effective solution to training needs.

Dramatically reducing the costs associated with travel expenses, accommodation and the requirement to pay crew members for training in their leave period, Seagull Maritime’s Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations onboard course is said to provide the same high quality education at a reduced cost.

The course is designed to meet the Norwegian requirements for service on Norwegian flagged vessels. Giving learners a practical knowledge about scenarios they are likely to find at sea, the assignments and workbook assist seafarers when locating relevant information in the Norwegian Passenger and Cargo ship legislation – all the time using real life scenarios and case studies.

For participants who hold appropriate certification and are otherwise qualified in accordance with STCW 1978, successful completion of this course will allow them to apply for endorsement to serve as Master onboard Norwegian flagged vessels. The course is also recommended for all non-Norwegian watch keeping Officers, who are required to have the same knowledge about Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations when performing their duties on-board a Norwegian flagged vessel.