Seafarers Awareness Week: Powerful video from Seafarers UK

Share week (24th June 30th June 2013) is Seafarers Awareness Week, the annual campaign coordinated by Seafarers UK – the leading charity for seafarers in need – to raise awareness of Britain’s dependence on seafarers.

Seafarers UK is keen to emphasise the crucial work that seafarers do for our island nation, on a day to day basis. Many have tough working lives, facing the challenges of working at sea during inclement weather, long periods of isolation and rare opportunities to keep in touch with family and friends.

Members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines put their lives at risk to defend us, whilst sea fishermen have the most dangerous civilian job in the UK 227 fishing boats were lost at sea between 2001 and 2010 and 657 fishermen were injured at work.

Fisherman Colin Dolby went missing in 2008 due to a freak storm. His body wasn’t found for more than eight months. In the period after his disappearance, and following discovery of his body, his widow Jane relied on the support she received, both emotionally and financially, from the Fishermen’s Mission – one of the key charities supported by Seafarers UK.

Second Sea Lord, Vice-Admiral David Steel, is keen to emphasise the importance of Seafarers Awareness Week and continued support for Jane and others affected by the dangers of seafaring. Watch our video to hear Jane’s story first hand and to find out more about Seafarers Awareness Week. 

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