Sea partners with Spot Ship to automate vessel availability and data use in fixing freight


Sea, the intelligent marketplace for fixing freight, has announced a strategic partnership with Spot Ship to integrate its AI email parser solution into Sea’s platform and automate the vessel and cargo matching process. Spot Ship is a platform built for brokers, charterers, and operators that utilises powerful AI and machine learning tools to automatically extract key market data points from emails.

When the integration is complete, it will enable charterers, brokers, and ship operators on Sea’s platform to extract insights around vessel availability automatically, rather than going through a manual data exchange process. At present, charterers and operators manually extract intelligence from broker emails to keep track of vessels over time.

As well as reducing the administrative burden and creating a seamless experience for users, this partnership will in turn power better decisions to enable sustainable shipping. The enhanced insights provided by Spot Ship will give Sea’s customers the right data at the right time to power data-driven decision making, including:
• Commercial availability of relevant vessels
• Fleet tracking, to keep players informed on timelines
• Live market information – cutting through the noise of countless market circulars to focus on only the most relevant developments, reducing duplication of information and enhancing competitiveness

This partnership brings Sea an important step closer to digitising chartering workflows and pre-fixture documentation through its intelligent marketplace. Peter Schroder, CEO at Sea, said: “Inboxes are overloaded with updates and communications when matching cargo to vessels, and hours are spent creating and maintaining intelligence lists to capture these insights. Through our collaboration with Spot Ship, we’re not just giving those hours back to our customers, we’re also equipping them with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. Spot Ship has market leading parser accuracy, which makes them the perfect partner for our work to digitise freight chartering workflows.”

James Kellett, Co-CEO at Spot Ship, said: “We’re delighted to be working with a company that shares our vision as to the vital importance of digitising processes in freight workflows. The automation of previously manual processes around vessel and cargo matching will save precious hours, drive operational efficiencies, and deliver additional insights that can support market competitiveness for Sea’s customers as we sail together into the data age.”