ScanReach and SEPAB forge pioneering partnership to elevate livestock transit


ScanReach, a trailblazing maritime technology company, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SEPAB (Société d’Exploitation du Parc A Bestiaux), the leading livestock transit and storage company in Europe.

This partnership marks a significant advancement in livestock transportation, aiming to provide enhanced animal welfare during sea transits. It showcases the vital role that technology plays in improving the well-being of animals during transit while advancing the efficiency and sustainability of the seaborne livestock trade.

At the very heart of this collaboration is the integration of ScanReach’s state-of-the-art IOT (Internet of Things) onboard wireless connectivity platform with SEPAB’s innovative Exportwell application.

Exportwell is a tailored digital solution designed to maximise the well-being and welfare of livestock during longer sea passages. It features custom dashboards and advanced monitoring capabilities that utilise ScanReach’s Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) infrastructure and sensors to ensure optimal conditions for livestock during their journey. All of this data is available to both the crew and onshore staff and provides valuable insights into animal health and well-being during, and after, sea transits.

Key elements of this pioneering partnership include:

• Monitoring Vital Conditions: The combination of ScanReach’s OWC technology and Exportwell’s application enables real-time monitoring of crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, wet bulb temperature, ammonia levels, and air flow across cargo decks. This ensures that the welfare of the animals is safeguarded throughout the entire journey.
• Enhancing Animal Well-being: By providing livestock carriers with actionable data and immediate alerts, Exportwell assists in creating optimal environmental conditions. This contributes to better health and well-being for the animals, aligning with evolving standards for livestock transport.
• Initial Installation: Two livestock vessels in France will be among the first to benefit from this groundbreaking collaboration, with installation scheduled before the end of the year. The solution will set new standards for livestock transit, embracing the latest wireless technologies, sensors and software platforms available in modern trade practices.

Sven Brooks and Dan Slater, the CEO and VP of Sales ScanReach respectively, expressed their gratitude for this strategic alliance, stating: “SEPAB’s commitment to improving animal welfare is both inspiring and commendable. We are honoured to be their chosen technology partner in this venture, contributing our onboard connectivity and monitoring expertise to ensure the welfare and safety of livestock during transit. This collaboration sets an example of how modern livestock trade can be conducted, setting a benchmark for the industry.”

André Veyrac and Laurent Tremoulet, respective CEO and Director of SEPAB, emphasised the importance of this partnership, saying: “At SEPAB, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare during transit. Our collaboration with ScanReach will revolutionise the way livestock is transported and cared for, while setting a leading example of how the modern livestock trade is conducted out of and into the EU. We believe this partnership will bring positive changes to our industry and to the welfare of the animals in our care.”