ScanReach and BARTEC join forces to launch explosion-proof node for wireless sensor data integration


ScanReach, a pioneer in wireless maritime technology solutions, in collaboration with BARTEC, the world market leader in explosion protection, have developed and launched an Explosion-Proof Node (pictured, outer casing and inside). This device is set to redefine the landscape of sensor data integration in EX zones within the maritime industry.

Co-developed with BARTEC, the Explosion-Proof Node seamlessly integrates with the ScanReach OWC (Onboard Wireless Connectivity) network, enabling the wireless ingestion and sharing of diverse sensor data in EX zones. This solution ensures the secure and reliable transmission of critical data in hazardous environments.

The significance of the Explosion-Proof Node is monumental, as it introduces the easiest and most convenient method for shipping companies to absorb and distribute sensor data on vessels such as chemical carriers, gas carriers, and tankers — in areas where safety and compliance are critical. These nodes can be seamlessly added to extend any existing OWC network, allowing shipping companies to access real-time sensor data in EX zones, such as e.g. gas sensing devices.

“We are delighted to collaborate with BARTEC, in our common vision to enhance safety and operational efficiency in the maritime industry,” said Inga Helene Vatshelle Bovim, Product Manager at ScanReach. “Our co-developed wireless Explosion-Proof Node opens up data acquisition in hazardous areas and sets a new standard for maritime safety and compliance.”

Designed to rigorous safety standards, the Explosion-Proof Node empowers shipping companies to maintain operational excellence while mitigating risks associated with hazardous environments.

The node is now available for shipping, marking a significant milestone in ScanReach’s commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency within the maritime sector.

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