Scandinavian suppliers ready to take on growing exploration cruise market in Norway

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Facing the harsh economic conditions of the oil-based marine industry, Norway has turned to an increasing market niche within the growing cruise industry. The exploration cruise market demands high-end quality and sustainable products and Scandinavian suppliers are ready to meet the demands with well-proven technology.

“In 2016, Norwegian shipyards received the only orders to build eight expedition cruise vessels. This year, American SunStone Ships ordered four expedition cruise vessels to be built in China yet based on a Norwegian vessel design and Finnish cabin design. This shows, that Norway holds a strong position in the exploration cruise market and is currently looking for new suppliers,” explained Mark Lerche, Head of Danish Marine Group, representing 200 Danish service and equipment suppliers to the global shipping and cruise industry.

According to Mr Lerche, suppliers from the Scandinavian countries can provide the technology demanded by the exploration cruise market:

“Scandinavian suppliers are well-known for providing high quality and sustainable solutions in maritime equipment and services along with design and interior. These attributes fit right into the exploration cruises that demand high-end quality from the engine room to the cabins and public spaces.”

To meet the demands, Frese from Denmark has developed a range of durable valves with a dynamic technology enabling more efficient fluid control and energy savings.

“Exploration cruises go on expeditions to environmentally sensitive areas with high emission requirements like the Arctic regions. Accordingly, the vessels need sustainable technology to control the environmental system onboard. The dynamic technology enables a higher efficiency on the overall system that allows shipowners to cut down fossil fuel consumption resulting in reduced CO², NOx and SOx emissions,” explained Morten Møller, Business Development Director at Frese.

The technology developed by Frese  has been well-proven in onshore industries over the last 25 years and adjusted for marine and cruise industries by using materials suitable for the most arduous environments.

“The dynamic technology has a simple design making it faster and cheaper to install. Shipyards can save up to 40 per cent on installation and building expenses and up to 70 per cent on commissioning costs depending on the system. Operating their systems with dynamic valves, shipping companies can save up to 40 to 50 per cent on the pump energy. Accordingly, you benefit from the valves in the whole process from building to operating the ship,” said Mr Møller.

Frese supplies dynamic valves to the global cruise, navy and shipping industry, to the largest operators and shipyards all over the world.