SAL Heavy Lift completes a heavy contract with SDV for the Ichthys LNG project

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MV REGINE sets sail from Sattahip complete with her load of 2 x 25mtrs high  220ts Radiant Convertor Modules

Heavy Lift operator SAL Heavy Lift has successfully completed a series of complex and sensitive shipments totaling more than 100,000frtts for the Ichthys LNG Project near Darwin, NT.

SAL Heavy Lift was contracted by the Project’s freight forwarder SDV, Asia for five shipments performed on a consecutive basis from load-ports Sattahip, Masan, Busan and Shanghai.

Each of the shipments contained individual items that tested both SAL’s engineering strength and the capabilities of the vessel.

SAL’s type 176 MV REGINE with 2 x 700ts cranes (1,400ts lift cap in tandem), and open hatch capability together with a third aft mount crane of 350ts lift cap was selected as the ideal candidate to provide utmost flexibility, cost efficiency and safety to the project.

Among the items shipped were 2 x Acid Gas Removal units each more than 800ts (each 42 x 10.5 x 10.8mtrs) and 2 x Radiant Convertor Modules both more than 25mtrs high (each 10.5 x 10 x 25mtrs / 217ts).

In particular the Radiant Convertor Modules offered a significant challenge since the client required them to be lifted with a single crane in the same shipment. Matters of lifting height, rigging geometry and clearances became a complex problem which took some time to successfully resolve.

All shipments were discharged at the Project’s Module Offloading Facility (MOF).

SAL Heavy Lift Singapore managed the project committing specialised project managers and technicians locally to support the project in real time.

“SDV has found that SAL’s pro-active approach and extremely competent crew has ensured all this important equipment has been delivered incident free and on a tight schedule,’ noted Eric Mancini SDV’s Project Manager. “SAL was commercially and operationally flexible in its approach to serving both SDV and the Project.”

SAL Heavy Lift Singapore’s Managing Director, Justin Archard added “The working relationship between SDV Asia and its team of well-trained industry professionals together with SAL Heavy Lift’s client focused organisational approach has been extremely complimentary.

‘”We have achieved everything we set out to achieve in this project. We are proud to have partnered SDV Asia in this work scope and will reinvest the knowledge we have gained in the last 6 months back into the SAL organisation to continue to improve the quality of our service.”