Rutter acquires OceanWaveS

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US-based technology firm Rutter has acquired OceanWaveS of Lüneburg, Germany, a developer and supplier of radar-based wave and surface current measurement technology.

Rutter claims its sigma S6 and OceanWaveS’ WaMoS are respected within the industry for discrimination of ice, oil, small targets, waves, currents and bathymetry from conventional navigational X-band radar. It says that combining OceanWaveS’ wave and current measuring capabilities with Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator will give Rutter a competitive edge in a growing offshore and coastal monitoring market.

“The acquisition aligns with Rutter’s operational strategy of delivering best-in-class ocean surface monitoring and reporting products in key markets such as offshore oil development, cold oceans exploration, and coastal monitoring and protection.  WaMoS II is a mature product with demonstrated market demand. Acquiring this product and underlying technology both eliminates a significant development risk and creates new revenue generation opportunities,” said Rutter’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Fraser Edison.  

“We are also pleased to have a German-based operation which provides Rutter with a technical centre and physical presence closer to European customers.”

Co-founder of OceanWaveS Konstanze Reichert added: “Both companies share a passion for the creation of exceptional products and services and have strong R&D, sales, and support capabilities within the offshore, shipping and coastal monitoring markets.  OceanWaveS has a global distribution and install base for its WaMoS II product, and has recently earned success in markets Rutter has identified as being emergent and important to its long term success, including China, and Austral-Asia.  We look forward to contributing to Rutter’s expansion in these markets.”