RS holds conference on ‘Containers and container transportation of petrochemicals and gases’

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russian flagThe Russian Maritime Register of Shipping held a conference in St Petersburg this week on ‘Containers and container transportation of petrochemicals and gases. Problems, solutions, perspectives’.
About 40 leading organisations of container industry engaged in design, manufacture, testing, transportation, operation of containers took part in the conference. The specialists discussed various aspects of container business development: harmonisation of national and international requirements, perspectives for development of container transportation of goods, the peculiarities of tank-container operation in the post-Soviet area and the designing and launching of new models of containers.
Among the topics discussed was the design and manufacture of a container of polymer composites which would be resistant to aggressive substances, chemical and petrochemical products used for container shipments and would comply with the international standards for combined transportation.
Aleksandr Fetisov, Head of Container Department, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, said: “The scope of container transportation keeps steadily growing worldwide. In a number of European ports it exceeds 90% of the cargo turnover. As one of the leading organisations of the transport industry, RS is striving to improve the effectiveness and safety of cargo shipping.
“Creation of a new tank-container with a boiler of composite materials unparalleled anywhere in the world is a perspective and much expected project at the container market. It combines the efforts of all transportation process participants – science, manufacture and operators of container traffic.”