RS guides ship owners for compliance with Polar Code requirements

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Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has completed the research on the preparation of proposals as regards procedures for the development of the Polar Water Operational Manual (PWOM) for the RS-classed ships, the Contractor being Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping (SUMIS).

Polar Water Operational Manual (PWOM) shall be available onboard in compliance with the Polar Code which came into force on 1st January. To assist the ship owners, a detailed structure and the requirements to the content of the Manual have been developed within the framework of the research, provided with recommendations for each section. A list of the ice navigation risks and the measures for their prevention and the minimisation of their negative impact was compiled, based on the analysis of ships’ operating experience in polar waters.

The practical significance of the research work was discussed by a wide range of experts at the Scientific and Technical Council Section “Human element problems”, including the representatives of ship owners and ship operators, as well as the maritime educational institutions providing the personnel training for the industry.

In addition, SUMIS presented its recommendations on the Manual preparation in full compliance with the Polar Code requirements in October 2016 at the conference “Polar Code and Safety of Ice-going Ships”, organised in cooperation with SCF Group.