Rolls-Royce Marine wins Heyerdahl Award 2014


Rolls-Royce Marine has been awarded the Heyerdahl Award 2014 for the “Environship Concept”. The award was presented by H. M. King Harald at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Associations (NSA) Annual Conference in Oslo yesterday, 31st March.

The expert committee, chaired by Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Peter Hinchliffe, said Rolls-Royce has taken a holistic approach to vessel design and has succeeded in combining a number of innovative solutions that increase energy efficiency and contribute to significant reductions in emissions. The committee emphasised that the measures are adaptable for a broad range of ship types and thus have the potential to reduce emissions from many segments of the world fleet.

Helge Vatnehol, Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Marine in Norway received the award on behalf of Rolls-Royce: “We strongly believe that to succeed in making solid emissions reductions, several types of environmental technologies have to be combined. This is the basic idea behind our Environship concept and it is therefore a great pleasure and very inspiring to receive this recognition today.”

Mr Vatnehol used the opportunity to send a special thank you to the Norwegian ship owners: “We are fortunate to be part of a maritime cluster with ship owners that are global frontrunners when it comes to investing in new and more environmental friendly technology. Our customers push forward on innovation every day.”

The Heyerdahl Award was established in 1999 by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and the explorer Thor Heyerdahl. To qualify for the award, candidates must have demonstrated exceptional technical innovation and environmental work that are aligned with Thor Heyerdahl’s spirit for the conservation of the marine environment. Emphasis is placed on measures that combine environmental benefits with improved profitability. The Norwegian Shipownwers’ Association (NSA) holds the secretariat for the award.

-With the Heyerdahl Award we want to acknowledge those who do more than is required by rules and regulations. We also want to make visible the industry’s ideas and solutions to what is by far the biggest challenge of our time – energy efficiency and the environment, said CEO of the NSA Sturla Henriksen.