RMT welcomes long awaited UK ratification of Maritime Labour Convention 2006

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Maritime union RMT today welcomed the long overdue UK government ratification of the international Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).

RMT says that the UK’s delayed adoption of the convention will require rigorous enforcement if it is to make the urgent improvements to working conditions required in a shipping industry where exploitation and social dumping are rife. 

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT  welcomes ratification by the UK of this convention albeit we are disappointed that the government is way behind less prominent maritime nations on this important move.

“Failure to ratify could have had serious consequences for the UK shipping industry and that in itself would have had a knock on effect to the few remaining jobs we have left as social dumping has wreaked havoc.”

RMT National Secretary Steve Todd added: “The real challenge going forward will be to see that this convention is adopted fully and that will need rigorous policing if we are to see all seafarers treated fairly and create a level playing field for our members in this globalised industry.”