RINA group adds engineering expertise

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Vega AD’Appolonia, the independent engineering consulting company of RINA Group, headquartered in Italy, has strengthened its expertise in the marine offshore oil and gas sector by acquiring a majority stake in Fano-based SeaTech Srl.

SeaTech provides analysis and design services, manages projects for offshore pipelines, subsea systems and structures and met-ocean monitoring systems, and also provides engineering supervision services on site.

Roberto Carpaneto, CEO, D’Appolonia, said: “Having SeaTech as part of the group helps us to consolidate our engineering expertise in the oil & gas sector, especially in the growth area of subsea systems and deep-water exploration.”

SeaTech provides specialised engineering services to main contractors and major engineering companies operating in the oil and gas industry.  Founded in 2000, today SeaTech has a turnover of €2.8m. SeaTech will be 68% owned by D’Appolonia with the remaining shares held by the founders.