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The RESOLVE Marine Group has formed a coalition with marine response company T&T Bisso to provide fire fighting services in US waters, in a move to provide overlapping coverage and higher volume firefighting capacity in the region.

The coalition was created to assist tank vessel operators in complying with the latest Oil Pollution Act of 1990 regulations, which come into force on 22nd February 2011. The regulations stipulate tanker and tank barge owners operating in US waters must update their existing USCG-approved Vessel Response Plan (VRP) and ensure certified pre-contracted firefighting services, equipment and trained response personnel.

Captain Farhat Imam, Chief Operating Officer, RESOLVE, said: “The new regulations required a substantial capital investment just to meet the minimum planning requirements. RESOLVE talked with fellow American Salvage Association (ASA) member T&T Bisso and both agreed meeting the minimum just wasn’t enough. By combining and strategically locating our firefighting equipment – equipment owned and operated by T&T Bisso and RESOLVE, we can assure tanker operators the best marine firefighting coverage in the US.”

Praising the coalition, Mauricio Garrido, President of T&T Bisso, added: “Shipboard fires don’t occur that often, but when they do you must have the best gear and trained personnel available. The T&T Bisso and RESOLVE team achieves just that. The decision to pool resources was catalyzed by several tanker operators who opted to list both RESOLVE and T&T Bisso so as to ensure the best possible coverage and the reluctance of most public fire departments to support the tanker industry.”