Release of Human Element film

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The Human Element
The Human Element

A new training film has been released by Walport to show how human behaviour can determine the success of a safe voyage.

The Human Element film, developed jointly with Pukka films, was premiered at a screening attended by industry leaders in London. It has been adapted from the award-winning book by the UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and is accompanied by a training booklet.

“We’ve learnt how to identify problems in human behaviour and how to employ procedures to help cope in high-pressure situations but it is important we don’t lose sight of the fact that the human element also contributes to our successes,” said the MCA’s Marc Williams.

Walport’s Training Producer, Chris Young, added: “The Human Element film, along with the accompanying in-depth training booklet, is aimed at creating greater operational mindfulness, thereby allowing safety, rather than danger, to emerge from human behaviour. We set out to make people really think about their actions and we think we have adapted a great book into a fantastic training aid for maritime staff at all levels.”