Reederei Nord and The Swedish Club collaborate to improve onboard safety


The Swedish Club demonstrated the value of more than 150 years of claims experience when invited to participate in Reederei Nord’s Senior Officers’ Conference, which took place late last month in Hamburg.

The Club’s Loss Prevention team ran a seminar session presenting two real-life cases on personal injury and collision which highlighted the value of emergency preparedness, crew safety, best practices in navigation, safety management systems, and the prevention of accidents and incidents at sea.

Conference participants (pictured) included Reederei Nord’s Masters, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers and Second Engineers, all of whom actively engaged in discussions and benefited from the insights shared by the Club.

Johan Kahlmeter, Director, Claims at The Swedish Club said: “Loss prevention is a responsibility that all of us in the maritime community share. We value the opportunity to support our members directly in this area, to be proactive and to exchange valuable insights with those tasked with implementing safety standards on board ships. It was good to be invited into Reederei Nord and we thank them for the initiative.”

Mrs Claudia Pengl, Personnel Director at Reederei Nord added: “Our company is committed to a programme of training for all our crews, to enhance safety standards and reduce operational risks. Inviting The Swedish Club team to our training has proven to be highly beneficial, and provided our employees with the external perspective that we could not offer internally.”

The Swedish Club’s Online Training is flexible and effective. The materials can assist members wanting to focus on onboard safety, provide the basis for Officers’ seminars, or can be used when the Club itself is facilitating a training session. They are available online and can be used in both face-to-face training sessions and facilitated remote training.

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