Radio Holland and Spliethoff sign agreement to provide over 72 vessels with global satellite communication connections

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Radio Holland Netherlands has been awarded a major contract to supply over 72 Spliethoff vessels with a.o. worldwide VSAT connections.

In addition to the VSAT connections, Iridium OpenPort and FleetBroadBand, backup connections will be provided, as well as new VSAT systems. Spliethoff also recently signed a Service Agreement with Radio Holland to maintain the equipment onboard 116 ships in the Spliethoff fleet.

Jan-Arie Sepers, General Manager Radio Holland Netherlands, said: “Radio Holland and Spliethoff have a long-standing relationship dating back several decades. We know the ships in the Spliethoff fleet very well, as well as their specific requirements. We have a worldwide network of 80 offices and therefore are represented along Spliethoff’s major trading routes. The service agreement gives Spliethoff the guarantee and the security of operational equipment at all times as well as special service rates worldwide. Spliethoff knows what to expect wherever the vessels are operating.”

Peter Van de Venne, Director IT Department Spliethoff, said: “This agreement ensures an internet connection on almost our entire fleet and increases the performance through higher bandwidth on the vessels that were already under contract. The increased bandwidth not only adds value for our crew but also enables us to speed up our processes through more frequent synchronisation and updating of the available data onboard. We are now also ready to send large flows of data from the ship through sensors on board to the shore and vice versa.”

Spliethoff has upgraded its Satellite connections to include both global and regional VSAT with increased bandwidth capacity, recognizing the trend that the demand for an ‘Internet Connection wherever, whenever’ is increasing. Spliethoff also intends to explore the need to increase the bandwidth for future remote monitoring. To ensure smooth daily operations, Radio Holland provides 24/7 remote support services following the sun.

The Iridium OpenPort and FleetBroadBand systems ensure an all-time connection as a back-up system which is a necessary requirement for Spliethoff since Spliethoff operates in many remote, isolated areas around the world.

“Radio Holland is one of few suppliers that can provide VSAT coverage in the Kara sea region,” said Jan-Arie Sepers.

Eighteen new VSAT systems will be placed on Spliethoff Group vessels, including those in the Bore Ltd and Conro fleet. The equipment onboard of the vessels of Bore Ltd and Conro needed replacement to ensure a good quality of service. Work on installing the antennas has already started and is expected to be completed by the end of May.