Quinto Shipping orders Parsifal-type inland waterway tanker from Concordia Damen


Dutch inland shipping yard Concordia Damen has been commissioned to build and equip an inland shipping tanker for Quinto Scheepvaart B.V. from Zwijndrecht. The order also marks the switch, after 25 years, that family business Quinto makes from container shipping to tanker shipping.

Quinto has opted for a tanker of the Parsifal type, a new generation of mineral (oil and light chemicals) tankers that Concordia Damen has developed itself and several of which are already operational. This type of tanker measures 110 x 11.45 metres and has a large carrying capacity at a very shallow draft (2,875 tonnes at 3.25 metres). According to the shipyard, the efficient hull shape creates an optimal ‘speed-power curve’. After all, the ship reaches a high speed with a relatively low power: more than 22 km per hour with 2 x 500 kW engines.

Inland navigation entrepreneur Luit Nanninga of Quinto says: “We had been planning to go into tanker shipping for some time. We came to Werkendam for repairs and were interested in the Parsifal tankers. After a conversation with managing director Chris Kornet, we visited the shipyard and viewed the ships. What particularly appealed to us was that this type was designed in such a way that it combines low resistance and a shallow draft with a large cargo capacity. This makes the ship more efficient and the transport per ton also more environmentally friendly. Another advantage is that smaller propellers can be used, which is very useful when the river is low – something happening quote a lot these days.”

Bert Duijzer, Technical Manager at Concordia Damen, says: “Quinto Scheepvaart is a new customer for us and we are grateful to Luit Nanninga and his sons Nick & Renko with this assignment and the trust they have placed in us. It is also further proof for us that we made the right choice at the right time to build some of our proven designs on stock. In addition to a number of dry cargo vessels that we are building for stock, this tanker was already under construction, which means we can shorten the delivery time by months.”

Parsifal inland tankers are designed in such a way that the type of propulsion per ship can be adapted to the wishes of the customer: diesel-electric, diesel-direct or LNG-electric. That also happened here. The ship, with its home port of Zwijndrecht, near Rotterdam, will sail with Caterpillar engines and is Stage V compliant. The tanker is expected to be delivered within a year, in December 2023.