PSA Marine achieves ‘exciting milestone’ with acquisition of Tramarsa Flota


PSA Marine has completed the 100% acquisition of Tramarsa Flota and its subsidiaries in Peru from the Grupo Romero. The Stock Purchase Agreement was signed by Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine and Marco Peschiera, CEO of Inversiones Piuranas and Grupo Piurano de Inversiones in Lima, Peru yesterday (Wednesday).

Tramarsa Flota was incorporated in 1994 and its head office is located in Lima, Peru. It is a premier port services company that provides an integrated service offering of towage, pilotage, launch boat and offshore services in 10 major ports along the Peruvian coastline. It owns 45 vessels, including 17 tugs, 23 launches and five support vessels for diving activities and other marine services, and is managed by a team of over 600 highly professional and dedicated people.

“We are delighted to welcome Tramarsa Flota to our PSA Marine global family. This strategic move will strengthen our international towage and pilotage network. United by the common business language of excellence in all that we do, the PSA Marine group will continue working alongside our key stakeholders to deliver exceptional service to our customers. This is an exciting milestone and I look forward to what we can deliver together as one company,” said Mr Chew.

“My team and I are excited to be part of the PSA Marine global family. We are committed to deliver only the best and maintain a strong foothold in our maritime operations along the Peruvian coastline. I will continue to lead Tramarsa Flota and would like to thank the Maritime Authority, the National Port Authority, port community, staff, customers, and key stakeholders for their continued support,” said Enrique Andres Tarazona Soria, Managing Director of Tramarsa Flota.

With the acquisition of Tramarsa Flota, PSA Marine now operates in over seven countries globally with a strong fleet of more than 100 harbour crafts and 300 harbour pilots.