PSA innovates with OptETruck, a green and digital solution for Singapore’s haulier sector


As part of efforts to further digitalise and decarbonise the container trucking industry, PSA Singapore (PSA), with the support of Enterprise Singapore, has developed OptETruck, a proprietary cloud-based transport management solution which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate smarter trip planning and eliminate operational inefficiencies for the haulier community in Singapore. It will help hauliers improve asset utilisation, reduce carbon emissions, as well as optimise operating costs.

One key feature of OptETruck is automated scheduling, which is enabled by a real-time resource-matching algorithm and predictive modelling to maximise resource utilisation. With this, OptETruck can match and recommend jobs so that hauliers are able to reduce the number of empty trips made across various supply chain nodes.

Another important feature of OptETruck is asset pooling. This feature enables hauliers and their partners to share resources, allowing them to optimise their fleet and trips.

Multiple haulier companies have already onboarded OptETruck and with the two key features, they have been able to reduce empty truck trips by over 50%. This translates to an annual reduction of about 10 million kg of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to 300,000 trees planted in a year.

Recently, OptETruck received the Digital Achievers (Team) award at the Tech Leader Awards 2023, a testament to PSA’s commitment in digital transformation to co-create agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chains with our partners and stakeholders.

OptETruck, together with PSA’s two other digital solutions – *SmartBooking™ and iBOX™ – will beintegrated to form an intelligent logistics ecosystem to digitally connect container terminals, depots, hauliers, and logistics facilities in Singapore.

Ms Seow Hwee, Head of Port+ Business, PSA Southeast Asia, said: “OptETruck and the full suite of digital solutions will strengthen and bring about a smarter and more sustainable supply chain and logistics ecosystem in Singapore. Harnessing the support from our partners and stakeholders, PSA seeks to proliferate these innovative digital capabilities to the small and medium-sized enterprises, which will elevate the competitiveness of the haulage community, drive greater business agility, and aid them to achieve their sustainability targets.”