Programme announced for Danish Maritime Forum

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Copenhagen, location for the InterManager AGM
Copenhagen, location for the InterManager AGM
Copenhagen, location for the Danish Maritime Forum

More than 200 global key leaders from all parts of the maritime value chain will meet in Copenhagen for the Danish Maritime Forum on 26th-27th October. Together they will discuss the most significant challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the global economy, the maritime industry and society.

The Danish Maritime Forum will take place at a time when the future of the industry looks more uncertain and more unpredictable than ever. Fundamental shifts in the economy and technological advances are transforming the industry at an unprecedented pace. In a highly collaborative setting, participants will discuss the impact of these changes on global value chains and how the maritime industry can work together to manage the risks and reap the rewards of this transformation and increase long term economic development and human wellbeing

After 28 hours, all participants will come together for a so-called fishbowl – where all can, at any time, join the conversation – to share the results of the work they have done and discuss practical next steps to take these ideas forward.

The programme features key business leaders, top government officials and prominent experts from inside and outside the industry, including: Container shipping giant Rodolphe Saadé shares his view on the most pressing issues facing the global maritime industry; Economist and development visionary Ian Goldin navigates the risks and rewards of rapid change; Entrepreneurship advocate Julie Meyer challenges the notion of what the maritime industry of the future might look like; Global trade expert Simon Evenett on the rise of protectionism and the threat it poses to international trade; Influential Chinese economist Zhang Jun discusses the possibilities and pitfalls for growth in China; Environmental advocate turned government official Christine Loh on balancing sustainability and business; Economist and FT columnist Martin Sandbu highlights key risks to global growth; Futurist and game designer Jane McGonigal on how to make better decisions by remembering the future and predicting the past; Former White House adviser and co-founder of MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative Brian Forde unpacks the possibilities of blockchain; Danish Minister of Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen on the importance of global collaboration; IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim shares his vision for the maritime industry; and Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of The Financial Times will chair the two-day Forum.