Procureship enters into Strategic Partnership with Kinnetik Solutions


Procureship, provider of a leading e-procurement platform for marine buyers and suppliers, has entered into a Strategic Partnership with Kinnetik Solutions that will see Kinnetik’s users join the Procureship platform.

Kinnetik Solutions, a Norwegian maritime e-commerce solutions provider, will officially merge its operations with Procureship on 31st December 2023. The Strategic Partnership between the two parties has been signed to ensure that all users are seamlessly transitioned to Procureship.

The company’s client base, which includes local buyers and suppliers of products and services for commercial vessels, will be gradually migrated to the Procureship platform. The CEO of Kinnetik Solutions, Mr Ché Geldard, deserves commendation for his role in facilitating this agreement and ensuring a smooth transition process for all users.

“Procureship prides itself on providing top-tier levels of service to all our users. We are committed to providing the same level of service, along with our industry-leading automation tools, to our new clients and assure them they will be well supported throughout this transition,” said Grigoris Lamprou, CEO of Procureship.

“We believe this strategic partnership will enable us to provide an even greater level of service for all of our users in the maritime sector as we continue to expand our buyer and supplier portfolio,” Mr Lamprou added.

The move comes following a rapid expansion in Procureship’s userbase in Northern Europe in 2023. In February, Procureship opened an office in Copenhagen, Denmark – its first office outside of Greece – in a bid to expand its presence to the region’s shipping sector. Following that, in September 2023, an additional office was established in Singapore.

Established in 2016, Procureship is an innovative e-procurement platform based in Athens, Greece, that connects marine buyers with suppliers and service providers worldwide. Procureship currently manages a network of trusted suppliers across all major ports and regions, connecting them to more than 60 buyers representing over 1,700 globally trading merchant vessels.

Procureship makes purchasing critical components, supplies and services for vessels easier, faster and more streamlined. Its automated platform optimises the procurement process by eliminating unnecessary manual work and recommending suppliers through its unique machine learning algorithm and service providers marketplace. The platform also offers bespoke features including IHM maintenance documentation, e-invoicing and upcoming freight forwarding optimisation. Procureship offers an unparalleled level of customer support with its team of dedicated account managers that offer daily support to all buyers and suppliers.