Prize awarded to CMP for the Ocean Quay terminals

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“We are getting quite used to awards at CMP,” said Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO at Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP). “But the one we have just received has nothing to do with service. It is for functionality and expression.”

On behalf of the City of Copenhagen, its Culture and Leisure Committee awards honours to attractive buildings and urban environments: awards have been made since 1902.

The citation for the award to the terminals stated: “The cruise terminals are outstandingly suited to their function. Their practical industrial expression balances well with their purpose. To those sailing in, the buildings appear like sails, cliffs or waves, rising asymmetrically by the giant cruise liners.”

The building award honours the architect and the entrepreneur, but the award also benefits the City of Copenhagen, since the aim is to support attractive buildings and good urban environments, and thus enhance their quality for the benefit of the citizens.

The award was presented by the chairman of the jury, Mayor on the Culture and Leisure Committee, Carl Christian Ebbesen.

“That is high praise, but it is an excellent description of our new facilities, which are also highly appreciated by our customers and passengers,” said Arnt Møller Pedersen.