Posidonia heart attack death points to the need for onboard defibrillators

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The call for all ships to be fitted with defibrillators to protect seafarers against the threat of heart attack was brought home to the international shipping community with sad consequences at the Posidonia shipping exhibition in Greece when a 72 year old visitor to the show collapsed and died from a heart attack.

Medics from the Hellenic Red Cross were called to the entrance to the show on Thursday after the visitor was reported to have collapsed and had stopped breathing. They immediately performed CPR and then used a defibrillator supplied by Ship Medical, sponsors of the Red Cross first aid station. Ship Medical had supplied the defibrillator because of the fear of such an event occuring.

A medic from the Hellenic Red Cross, who tried to save the man’s life, said they managed to maintain CPR until the ambulance arrived. He said that without doubt, defibrillators should be an essential item of equipment onboard every ship.