Port-IT successfully implemented Orilla Mail onboard Thomas Schulte vessels

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Port-IT has announced that Thomas Schulte Ship Management has chosen Port-IT’s state of the art email solution ‘Orilla Mail’ to fit their critical communication needs. Recently, this independently developed E-mail solution was implemented on a vast number of their vessels, with even more to follow in 2019.

Orilla Mail was developed as an independent shore managed email solution that gives customers the power of choice, as they are no longer tied to one airtime provider. Featuring a fully integrated portal web-interface, the settings of Orilla Mail can easily be managed per vessel or per fleet.

Orilla Mail is able to handle the cyber threats that the maritime industry is facing today, because of its full integration with Port-IT’s IRIS service  – IRIS will scan all incoming attachments with a multitude of award winning Antivirus software, offering multi-engine scanning capabilities based on worldwide signature databases. Port-IT IRIS conjunction with Orilla Mail will ensure that all emails that reach the vessel are safe. Crew E-mail is standard included, no extra fee will be charged, allowing crew onboard a vessel to stay in contact with their family, leaving them and the shipmanagement content.

“The compatibility with all airtime providers on the market, together with the fact that Orilla Mail is an easy to use e-mail solution on both ends, both ashore and on board, are the main arguments why we decided to opt for Port-IT’s Orilla mail”, said Oliver Kautz, Quality Manager for TSM.

“Creating new mail addresses and setting up new Automatic File Transfers is as easy as writing an e-mail using the Port-IT Portal. Moreover, the software itself is easy to use for our crew onboard. We have chosen Port-IT as the provided service is great, Port-IT takes care of every problem we encounter and solves it really quickly. This ensures smooth communication and operation of our vessels. Custom-made features that were integrated upon request have made Orilla Mail a very well-tailored e-mail system, completely fitting our needs.”