Port-IT introduces fast and secure all-in-one maritime connectivity solution


Port-IT, a leading provider of maritime Cyber Security & IT solutions, announces the introduction of an all-in-one fast and secure maritime connectivity solution. This service combines high-speed internet access with robust cybersecurity measures, offering vessel owners and operators a comprehensive and secure connectivity solution, all from one partner.

After conducting extensive market research and recognizing the growing demand for integrated connectivity and cybersecurity in the maritime industry, Port-IT has developed a LEO Connectivity service. This new service provides shipping companies with a single point of contact by integrating the internet connection, the cybersecurity solution and IT management needs all in one service.

Port-IT LEO solution offers a range of benefits including:

  • High speed internet access: providing vessels with fast and reliable internet connectivity, enabling smooth communication and data transfer while at sea.
  • Tailor-made cybersecurity measures: integrating advanced cybersecurity measures tailored to the unique needs of each customer.
  • Complete IT management: implementing, managing and monitoring the vessels IT systems and processes, remotely or onsite.
  • Seamless integration of services – a singular point of contact for all connectivity, cybersecurity and IT management needs.

Port-IT’s CEO Youri Hart says: “Due to the increasingly faster internet connections the vulnerability of the network is increasing, and the likelihood of being hit by a cyberattack is continuously growing. Just imagine what the impact would be if a vessel is stuck in one of the locks in the Panama Canal because of a cyber incident. As many vessels still operate with out-of-date IT networks, connecting those networks to high-speed connections increases the risk of a cyber incident.

“We are thrilled to introduce Port-IT LEO to the maritime industry”, concludes Hart. “Having a single point for all IT needs onboard improves efficiency, simplifies operations and streamlines communication”.