P&O Maritime Logistics among the world’s first to receive accreditation for energy management


DP World company P&O Maritime Logistics announces the receipt of the ISO 50001 accreditation from ABS QE – becoming one of the first companies in the maritime industry to attain this certification.

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard that provides a framework for organisations to establish, implement, maintain, and improve an energy management system. This standard is designed to help organizations follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, use, and consumption.

The accreditation achieved by P&O Maritime Logistics marks a significant step in its commitment to sustainability, signalling a major advancement in energy efficiency and consumption reduction within the maritime industry. This achievement not only demonstrates the company’s dedication to implementing best practices in energy management but also highlights its role in identifying and addressing areas for improvement. By attaining this international recognition, P&O Maritime Logistics distinguishes itself as a leader in the maritime sector, underscoring its commitment to sustainable energy practices and contributing to global efforts in mitigating climate change.

Martin Helweg, CEO at P&O Maritime Logistics commented: “It’s important that we have the right infrastructure in place to continue to create value for all our stakeholders. With the ISO 50001 accreditation, we now have a critical tool to help deliver on our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.”

As an ISO 50001 accredited company, P&O Maritime Logistics places a strong emphasis on sustainability, forging close partnerships with regulatory authorities across various regions. The company remains adaptive, embracing emerging energy alternatives while actively targeting fuel consumption reduction within the maritime industry. Short-term objectives involve optimising processes, enhancing crew training, exploring specialised hull paints for reduced friction, and implementing advanced onboard voyage planning technology to monitor fuel consumption efficiently. These initiatives collectively contribute to fostering a greener and more sustainable maritime sector.

As outlined in the recently published whitepaper titled ‘Developing P&O Maritime Logistics’ Decarbonisation Pathway’, a key component of the company’s decarbonisation pillars includes reducing marine fuel consumption to drive efficiency and equipment electrification. The ISO 50001 accreditation comes at a time of an increasing focus toward sustainable energy transformation.

The ISO 50001 accreditation aligns seamlessly with P&O Maritime Logistics’ as well as DP World’s broader sustainability strategy, ‘Our World, Our Future’ reinforcing their commitments to adopting sustainable practices across the organisation. By implementing more efficient and controlled energy use, P&O Maritime Logistics aims to reduce carbon emissions, supporting global efforts to combat climate change and ensure a greener future for generations to come.