P&O Ferries announces space charter agreement with Irish Ferries on Dover-Calais route


Ferry customers will see faster, more efficient crossings between Dover and Calais after P&O Ferries and Irish Ferries have announced a new space charter agreement on the route.

The agreement means customers booked with either carrier will be offered the next available departure when they arrive at the port, whichever company is operating it – helping them reach their destination faster.

Initially serving freight customers, the agreement means all freight on the quayside will be shipped on the next available sailing on either carrier. This will ensure ferry capacity is fully utilised, easing port congestion, lowering the carbon footprint of the cross-Channel route and delivering efficiencies.

Under the agreement, the two operators plan to extend the space charter arrangement to passengers, enabling them to benefit from greater flexibility over travel times, reduced port waiting times, and reduced delays if they miss intended crossings, particularly in peak periods.
This space charter will benefit ferry customers focused on both journey time and the value offered by ferry crossings, and gives a significant upgrade to the Dover-Calais ferry proposition compared to other options.

All commercial activities remain entirely under the control of each of P&O Ferries and Irish Ferries.

Announcing the deal, P&O Ferries Chief Executive Peter Hebblethwaite said: “P&O Ferries is determined to give our customers the best possible service and enable them to reach their destination faster.

“Our Dover-Calais customer satisfaction ratings are the highest they’ve been for five years and we have seen the positive impact of steps we have already taken to make the ferry option better, faster and more flexible. Our new space charter agreement will help us continue that journey.
“We are charting a course for the future of ferry travel. With P&O Ferries’ modern fleet, including two revolutionary hybrid vessels, we are setting a new standard and ensuring that our customers enjoy a journey that’s faster, greener and more enjoyable.

“We are looking forward to welcoming millions more travellers onboard our ships this summer.”