PIL makes first CA reefer delivery of fresh avocadoes to Singapore


Pacific International Lines (PIL) has made its first delivery of fresh avocadoes to Singapore from Australia, using its latest 40” high cube Controlled Atmosphere (CA) refrigerated (reefer) containers. The batch of avocadoes produced in Fremantle, Western Australia, is a key premium fruits growing region.

CA reefer containers are specialised containers which employ advanced technology to regulate carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen levels within the container, thereby providing an optimum environment for transporting a wide variety of fresh produce over long transit times.

PIL recently acquired newbuild CA reefer containers to support the increasingly sophisticated needs of its customers across its network in China, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Oceania.

Mr Lim Chee Wei, General Manager, Logistics Division, PIL, said, “We are very pleased that the avocadoes arrived in Singapore fresh and in optimum condition in our CA reefer containers. This is our first such shipment into Singapore, and we see this as a significant step for PIL as a Singapore home grown container shipping line.

With rising populations and complex supply chain issues, we have seen more importance placed on diversification of sources of food supplies across the world. As a container shipping line, we are committed to supporting customers in finding solutions to their cross-border transportation of goods. With this new range of CA reefer containers, PIL now has expanded its capability to transport fresh fruits and produce over varying distances among countries in our network. This is part of our continual effort to meet the needs of our customers for quality services and to expand our presence in the reefer market.”

The batch of avocadoes was imported into Singapore by an established fruits and vegetable supplier for the enjoyment of consumers in Singapore.